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Vergemakkelijk uw aankoopbeslissing door een van de TOYOTA D.A.C. (the offer DOES NOT including the car) caravan te kiezen die op Truck1 Nederland wordt gepresenteerd.

De unit is toegankelijk in Daleszyce, Polen. Het gedetailleerde overzicht is zoals hieronder vermeld. Het artikel kost 7501 Euro.

Neem bij het zoeken naar geschikte voertuigen onder TOYOTA D.A.C. (the offer DOES NOT including the car) caravan contact op met een verkoper voor alle vereiste informatie.

The offer and price does NOT apply to the CAR The offer and price are for a brand new Camper body without equipment - internal (furniture, household appliances, etc.) photo: - camper - pick up Possibility to make internal equipment according to individual customer specifications - additionally payable A motorhome ideal for 4-5 people, lovers of off road and independent tourism, with a full range of equipment. The structure is strong and durable, designed on a self-supporting container frame, walls with a thickness of 50 mm, the highest quality insulator for extreme conditions. Equipment of the camper with modular furniture, which allows you to achieve a truly impressive space when unfolded to sleep. Fold-out upper bed for two people. Water tank with a lockable external connection, connection to an external shower, water heating, waste water tank, gas stove, sink, independent heating, refrigerator. LED lighting, also in the part with a fold-out upper bed, and outside under an awning for evening dining. Sockets for charging a phone, laptop, convenient storage in furniture, a table with a folding leg, a drawer refrigerator or a refrigerator with classic shelves, a wide range of interior fittings. External sun protection awning. The use of a solar panel system in conjunction with batteries gives independence in access to electricity, for starting and maintaining the operation of electrical devices in the vehicle, e.g. when parking in the car park STANDARD DESCRIPTION OF THE CONSTRUCTION length / width / height / 2400/3400 x 1900 x 1400 1. IZOTERMA - Side walls - ultra-light multi-layer self-supporting structure Sandwich thermally insulated with hardened polyurethane foam (without thermal bridges) with sheathing: LAMINATE / LAMINATE - additionally with an insert made of 6 mm thick waterproof plywood. 2. Thickness of walls, roof about 40 mm + floor 30 mm. 3. Tilting roof (lifted; left, right, front or rear wall) on gas shock absorbers with a gasket, mounted on a worm hinge - France type 4. Thermally insulated floor, double-sided laminate + interior lining - wood-like 5. Reinforcements in the walls of buildings according to D.A.C. 6. Building entrance door 1 pc clear width 600 mm. on the RIGHT wall, closed with a cassette with opening from the outside and inside the building - location and size according to the attached technical drawing. 7. Cassettes, hinges - POMMIER - external strips - ALU fittings 8. Superstructure above the car cabin - acc. drawing 9. Sleeping couch with pull-out part for 2 people 10. Ladder to facilitate entry at the door OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT: - foto camper pick up IT IS POSSIBLE TO MAKE THE BODYWORK ACCORDING TO THE CUSTOMER'S INDIVIDUAL DETERMINATIONS ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: - Warranty for the body - 24 months - Delivery time: about 8 weeks from order (possible express) - 23% VAT should be added to the given prices. (does not apply to ex port inside the EU). - Preferential transport in Poland and Europe WE ARE LOOKING FOR DISTRIBUTORS OF OUR PRODUCTS THROUGHOUT POLAND AND EUROPE The announcement and sample photos may differ from the presented version of the equipment. This announcement is for commercial information only and does not constitute an offer pursuant to Article 66. & amp; 1. of the Civil Code. The seller is not responsible for any errors or outdated content of the advertisement. Tel. show contacts Wojtek - 693 473 386 Anna - 695 632 797 English Aleksandra - 603 822 999 - English

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